Copenhagen EU Office

About us

Copenhagen EU Office represents the University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen Business School, the region and municipalities in the capital region of Denmark.

Copenhagen EU Office helps the region, municipalities, universities and companies apply for EU funding, create networks and influence EU policies. Together we help make the Capital Region Denmark a hub for growth, quality of life and cutting edge innovation.

We assist and advise within five areas: Project development, advocacy, networking activities, branding and EU proficiency. We seek to create international partnerships for innovation with the participation of the region, municipalities and companies.

We are a strong actor located at the heart of Europe and in Greater Copenhagen. We secure the members and Greater Copenhagen a strong international profile and visibility in Brussels. Together we can achieve strong results if there is a long term and strong commitment among management and employees in the members' organisation and when sufficient resources are allocated to international cooperation.

Copenhagen EU Office is a result of the merger of the EU research policy office, creoDK, and the EU enterprise policy office, Copenhagen EU Office.

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Copenhagen EU Office
Rue du Luxembourg 3
B-1000 Brussels
Telephone: +45 45 11 02 98

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